Your personal talent agent, for online work.

300 Large is your new window for work that is available 24/7. We are streaming surveys from corporations and researchers to get public opinions on. Get paid for every minute of your time! Core of the system is a bayesian statistics algorithm that is aimed to pair you with the best paying available survey.


We are constantly growing the sources of ephemeral tasks that allow you to work directly from your computer or phone at any time. We identify what you’re good at, and use machine learning to pair you with tasks that will earn you the most money.


300 Large does not sell, share, or exploit any information that we need to determine which tasks are best for our clients. Our privacy policy has been carefully crafted to protect our client’s privacy and rights.


No “points”, “coins”, or other fake currencies; 300 Large only pays clients with cash or cash equivalents. We are constantly growing methods of payouts for clients to receive funds in their preferred method.